Couple spot five ‘glowing UFOs’ flying in a row across the night sky

A couple captured footage of five glowing 'orange lights' in a row across the sky – which they believe are UFOs.

The pair from Oklahoma spotted the objects flying above Norman, Oklahoma on May 12.

Bewildered by what they saw, they sent what they managed to record of the sight to Taiwan-based truth seeker, Scott C Waring who took a look at the clip for his YouTube channel.

Describing the footage they sent to UFO Sightings Daily, the bloke said: "My wife and I saw an orange in colour object flying from the south and disappeared as it travelled north.

"I have four different videos of four different objects. I was not able to get the first one on video since I did not have my phone.

"We chalked it up to a shooting star until another one appeared followed by three more objects. It made no sound at all."

Analysing the footage, self-professed UFO expert, Waring wrote: "Guys, this is awesome! This raw footage just came and it shows five glowing objects passing over an eyewitnesses yard.

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"He said the objects move away and then suddenly disappear in the distance. These objects are allowing him to see them. The UFOs want to be seen!

"They are very close to the power lines and maybe trying to tap into our communication networks to learn more about humanity."

Other extraterrestrial fans took to the comment section on YouTube, branding the clip 'interesting' and claiming that they 'seem to follow a pattern.'

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One user said: "They all seem like o follow a pattern. Does the light go out at roughly the same time? Could be hypersonic testing."

Another wrote: "This was really interesting the gentleman filming this absolutely focused and when the lady with him towards the end of the video said here comes another one.

"I thought another more of a long fold shape shot up to the sky? Well done to the people who took the time to film this, another case of glowing orange orbs, fascinating."

A third added: "Impressive orbs!"

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