US military intelligence chiefs admit Daily Star was right along – UFOs do exist

Two top American intelligence chiefs confessed the Daily Star was right all along… UFOs are real.

US military aircraft have had 11 near misses with them and the intelligence services are probing 18 cases of objects moving in no way known to man.

In the first official government hearing into ET life in more than 50 years, experts warned reports of mysterious craft are “frequent and continuing”.

Navy chiefs have been bamboozled by some of the encounters.

Some dart around super quick and others move against the wind with no obvious power or propeller, ruling out enemy craft from China or Russia.

Scott Bray, deputy director of naval intelligence, said they had “flight characteristics that were not what we expected”.

He added: “We are not aware of any adversary that can move without discernible means of propulsion. There are events in which we do not have an explanation.”

He warned intrusions by unknown aircraft “pose a threat” and are of “great concern”. There have been 144 US cases filed between 2004 and 2021.

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Military staff have reported 400 incidents, some going back decades.

The historic committee meeting signals a major shift in US policy as it “removes the stigma” of reporting UFOs.

Ronald Moultrie, the Pentagon’s top intelligence official, told the hearing: “Our goal is not to potentially cover up something, it’s to understand what’s maybe out there.”

Chairman Andre Carson said: “They are real and need to be investigated and any threats they pose mitigated.”

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