Google ridiculed after releasing new security app called ‘Nonce’

A new Android app has sparked hysterics online after developers gave it a rather questionable name.

The security system – hilariously dubbed ‘Nonce’ by its creators – promises to protect games from online fraud.

But it has been getting attention for all the wrong reasons after its American designers failed to realise the word, which stands for “number once” in computer terms, also means paedophile in British slang.

On a blog about the new app, Android – which is owned by Google – promised to “take a deeper look at what the nonce is, how it works, and how it can be used to further protect your app”.

It explained: “Play Integrity API features a simple, yet very useful feature called 'nonce' that, when correctly used, can further strengthen the existing protections the Play Integrity API offers.”

They announced the launch on Twitter today (May 17) and the post attracted hundreds of mocking comments before it was swiftly deleted.

One person advised: “You may want to run this wording via a proof reader in the UK…”

Whilst a second joked: “Going to be fun tomorrow morning when the Android Developers twitter admin logs in for the day.”

A third person simply wrote: “Well this is quite unfortunate.”

Another chirped in: “Yikes, Google has named a security feature ‘nonce’ without apparently running the name past any Brits.”

Others called the mishap “astonishing” and “unfortunate but hilarious”.

It isn’t the first time the term has got lost in translation between an American country and a British audience.

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In 2015 a new company announced themselves to the world as Nonce Finance, to much hilarity online.

The NFT community ownership start-up quickly changed their name to Nibbl, but saw the funny side of things and updated their bio to say “struggling with brand names”.

They posted: “Lesson learnt. Next time will look at British meaning of words too. Thanks for the memes.”

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