Watch out! Looking at nude pics of Emma Watson could leave you with a nasty virus

The shocking scam involves a Facebook message promising fans naked videos of the Hollywood beauty.

But when users click on the YouTube link, they are actually in danger of receiving harmful viruses.

These include Trojans which are able search and steal your personal data.

And malware which is capable of accessing phone numbers and changing your browser settings.

The scam works by the hackers convincing you to upgrade your video player to view the footage.

Once users click the link the cyber criminals are then able to take control of your PC.

Now anti-virus company Bitdefender, is warning users of the dangers of being tempted by the scam.

Catalin Cosoi, Bitdefender's Chief Security Strategist, told Digital Spy: "It all starts with a Facebook comment promising to reveal private or leaked videos of Emma Watson.

"The comments are automatically posted by users infected with the malware.

"As is the case with many Facebook scams, victims end up as marketers for cyber-crooks."

"When users click on the malicious links, they are redirected to a salacious YouTube copycat.

"Future victims are then asked to update their Flash Player to the latest secured version of Video Player, as an error allegedly prevents them from watching the leaked videos of Emma Watson."

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