Millionaire OnlyFans star ‘helped cure friend’s cancer’ using power of her mind

A millionaire OnlyFans model claims she helped cure her friend's cancer using the power of her mind.

Canadian-born Alice Irving, 24, came from a "very spiritual family" and previously opened up about being a "witch".

From a young age she had the ability to foresee events, including her own father’s murder, but another of her abilities is "manifestation".

"If you don’t know about manifestation, basically it’s about affirmation," she exclusively told the Daily Star.

"You say the affirmation, many many times, until your brain actually changes and believes that affirmation. It's like self-conditioning.

"I started reading about neurology and the power of the subconscious, basically how your brain and body are related.

"And how whatever you put in your brain – whatever you tell yourself – and the way it physiologically affects your DNA."

The adult star reads affirmations to herself every day and has "manifested everything I’ve very wanted to do in my life".

This has ranged from meeting certain people, being offered the chance to visit certain places, and making money.

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Alice even claims that, at the start of any given month, she’s been able to manifest the exact amount of money she’ll have in her bank account by the end of the month "to the cent".

However, the most shocking example she gives of manifestation is its ability to heal after she visited a friend who had been was diagnosed with a cancer.

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She explained: "I had a friend of mine who was sick, she had cancer in the uterus. I came to visit her and we started talking about it.

"I just put my hand on her belly and was affirming positive things, 'You're going to heal, this is going to go away don't worry'.

"After that she called me back like, 'Oh my god it went away'. It literally f**king disappeared.

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"And I was shocked I was like, 'You're f***ing kidding me right now'.”

Although she "probably helped", Alice insists that this wasn’t all her doing at all.

"This person convinced themselves that they were healing and they just did," she said.

"I probably helped her but she did most of the work, she's in control of her own body."

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