Thieving seagulls blamed for smashed mobile phone screens

One in 30 people admit they’ve had their phone screens smashed after having it ripped out of their hands by a seagull, according to a new poll by the UK’s No.1 mobile provider EE.

Brits are 46% more likely to break their phone in the summer than at any other time of the year, with beer gardens (19%) the most common culprit among under 35s, the research showed.

Phones falling out of pockets at festivals (5%), being dropped while taking a beach selfie (4%) are among the other ways Brits have cracked their screens. It comes as EE launches a new nationwide two-hour, in-store repair service to help Brits make the decision to get their phone repaired rather than replaced.

Bridget Lea, Managing Director of Commercial at EE, said: “Our superfast in-store repair service means customers can avoid the shame of a smashed screen and get back to enjoying the summer within a few hours.

“Choosing to repair, reuse and recycle also means we’re all doing our part to help address the rising e-waste challenge.”

Brits wait an average of seven weeks (49 days) before getting a screen fixed, though a third of people can’t bear going just one day without their phone and six in 10 will buy a new phone instead, according to the research.

But those who fail to repair their screens are at a disadvantage across a number of different areas of life. Almost one in six people aged under 35 refuse to go on a second date with somebody after seeing their cracked screen. One in 10 bosses would deny someone a second job interview.

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