iPhone hack lets you use two headphones at once and share music with friends

This month, Apple finally retired the iPod after 20 years. As well as revolutionising the way we listen to music, one of the best things about the iPod was that it let two people listen to music at the same time using a headphone splitter.

This was perfect for long coach journeys, school trips, and even flights with your friends and loved ones, allowing you to play the perfect mix as you went about your journey.

Although smartphones offer many more options in terms of song choice, many companies have removed the headphone AUX port from their devices, making it impossible for users to share their tunes.

However, a little-known iPhone trick actually lets you connect two pairs of headphones to your device at once—and unlike an iPod, you don't need a headphone splitter dongle to do it.

TikTok user 'Tech Hack Guy' has shared a brilliant video showing how you can connect multiple pairs of headphones to your iPhone at once.

It takes just a few seconds to set up but, once it's done, can ensure you're able to play whatever music you like through multiple outputs at once.

You could even use it with multiple Bluetooth speakers to play tunes in different rooms at home.

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How can I listen to two headphones at once on iPhone?

All you'll need is two sets of Bluetooth headphones or speakers. These could be Apple AirPods, but don't have to be. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Pair both headphones one-by-one to the iPhone using the Settings app
  2. Connect one of them and play some music or video
  3. Swipe down from the top right corner of the iPhone to access the Control Center, then tap 'Music'
  4. There should be a Share Audio option. Tap it, and the iPhone should give you a prompt to share the music with both sets of headphones

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