Bride-to-be on hen party trapped in plane toilet for 45 minutes and lands in it

A bride-to-be ended up spending 45 minute in an aircraft toilet on the way to her hen party. Not because she was nervous, but because the door jammed.

Harris Googe was enjoying her hen party in Utah, USA when she went to use the toilet during the turbulent flight but as she locked the door, she was left unable to get out.

The Southwest Airlines flight was preparing to land as she overheard an announcement from the plane's pilot over the public address system, asking for passengers to return to their seats – as she was left trapped in the loo.

She said on TikTok : "The pilot asked the flight attendants to be seated for landing and I just heard a soft 'I'm sorry.

"And then I knew I'd be landing in a toilet."

As she films herself locked in the toilet, she can be heard saying in the video: "Did I mention there was turbulence?" as the camera pans round and shows the plane shaking.

After 45 minutes of being trapped in the toilet, reports The Mirror, she managed to get the door open open after airline staff used a crowbar.

But despite being locked in the toilet she claims she's still not been offered any compensation for the incident.

Harris had contacted Southwest Airlines explaining the situation after documenting her ordeal on TikTok but hasn't heard back.

However, social media users on TikTok were less than impressed with the thought of being trapped in a toilet during turbulence – let alone for 45 minutes.

One TikTok user wrote: "Oh wow, new fear unlocked."

Another added: "What if it was an emergency landing because there was a fire or something?" another questioned. "This seems completely unacceptable."

Fortunately, after being trapped in the toilet for 45 minutes, it didn't ruin the bride-to-be's weekend as Ms Googe said in the comments she had a super celebration with her friends.

She said on Tiktok she enjoyed "a super cool house with my girls and some snow and good food.

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