Watch out Google Chrome? Millions are now browsing the web on something new

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Google may still rule the roost when it comes to browsing the web but its Chrome software is definitely being challenged by a relative newcomer. Latest figures from the team a Statcounter have revealed Microsoft’s rebooted Edge browser has now leapt into second place when it comes to total user numbers.

That’s pretty impressive considering this software hasn’t been around that long when compared to its rivals. The latest and completely rebuilt version of Edge first launched back in 2020 and users are clearly liking what they see.

According to Statcounter, Chrome still leads the way with a whopping 66.9 percent share of the market. But this is now followed by the new Edge with Microsoft’s web browser securing a 10.7 percent share. Coming third is Apple’s Safari with 9.62 percent and then Mozilla’s Firefox with 7.87 percent of the market.

One thing that appears to have enticed users over to Edge is that it’s now based on the Chromium platform which makes it perform much like Chrome itself. This enables Microsoft Edge to boast the same compatibility as Chrome and it also means it can use the same extensive library of add-ons.

Another feature of Edge is that it can be much less power-hungry when using it on a laptop which helps to improve overall battery life.

Of course, Chrome is still way in front when it comes to user numbers but Microsoft has big plans to help close the gap.

In fact, the Redmond firm has just announced that it’s rolling out a free VPN feature for Edge that’s dubbed Edge Secure Network.

This upgrade is being rolled out as part of efforts to improve security and privacy for users of the Microsoft browser.

When it’s activated the new Edge tool will encrypt users’ traffic so any information they want kept private from internet service providers (ISPs) will stay that way.

Outlining how the feature will help users, Microsoft explained in a support document online: “By encrypting your web traffic directly from Microsoft Edge, we help prevent your internet service provider from collecting your browsing data like details about which websites you visit.”

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