Brother and sister who have four kids fighting to make incest legal

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A pair of incestuous siblings who fell in love and had four children together are still calling for incest laws to be revoked, which currently ban their disturbing relationship.

Patrick Syuebing was reunited with younger sister Susan Karolewski more than 20 years after he moved into a foster home in East Germany, when he was attacked by their father.

Six months after re-discovering his biological family, the then 23-year-old and Susan, who is mentally disabled, began sharing a bedroom after their mother, Ana Marie, died.

Their illegal pairing of the brother and sister has since produced four children, two of which are severely disabled.

In 2001 the couple set their sights on changing Germany's laws, with one in place that makes sex between siblings illegal, with the pair even going as far as the Court of Human Rights in 2012.

At the time, Patrick was reported as saying: "We do not feel guilty about what has happened between us. I became head of the family and I had to protect my sister.

"She is very sensitive but we helped each other during this very difficult period and eventually that relationship became physical. We didn't even know we were doing anything wrong when we started sleeping together. We didn't think about using a condom.

"We didn't know it was illegal to sleep together."

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Patrick added that their mother would "not have approved" of the relationship between him and his sister, the Mirror reported.

Susan defended the relationship she has with her brother, saying: "We didn't know each other in childhood, it's not the same for us. We fell in love as adults and our love is real. There is nothing we could do about it.

"We were both attracted to each other and then nature took over from us. It was that simple. What else could we do? We followed our instincts and our hearts."

Patrick has subsequently undergone a vasectomy in a bid to change the minds of courts to allow him to live with his sister without the risk of further jail time.

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