WhatsApp users thrilled as chat app finally fixes one of its biggest irritations

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WhatsApp has left users thrilled after it emerged a feature that has long been in-demand could be coming to an Android phone near you. For years one aspect of WhatsApp that has been a thorn in users’ sides is that a WhatsApp account is tied to a specific phone number. For people that have multiple phones (such as a personal handset and a work one) this can cause issues as they’ll only be able to receive WhatsApp messages sent to their account on one device.

The world’s most popular chat app did take steps to address this, releasing its long-awaited multi-device feature last year.

This new functionality for WhatsApp let a user access their account across multiple devices.

However, WhatsApp accounts were still tied to one smartphone, with the additional devices that could access a WhatsApp account being Web, WhatsApp Desktop and Portal platforms.

Thankfully, it has emerged this week that WhatsApp is working on a version 2.0 of its multi-device feature which has just entered testing on Android.

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As spotted by WABetaInfo, the revamped multi-device tool will let WhatsApp users access their account on a second phone or on their tablet.

To do this, WhatsApp users will have to head to the settings and go to a section of the UI called ‘Register Device Companion’.

Currently, to link two devices together WhatsApp users will need to point their main device to the screen of their other phone or tablet.

To link the devices a QR code that appears on the second device will need to be scanned.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to access your WhatsApp account on another smartphone or tablet. Easy as pie!

At the moment a release date for this highly anticipated feature hasn’t been announced. But seeing as the tool is currently in testing it hopefully won’t be too long till it gets rolled out to the stable channel.

But fans are already eagerly awaiting the new feature, sharing their excitement while responding to a WABetaInfo Twitter post revealing the news.

One WhatsApp user tweeted: “Love this idea!”

While another posted: “Yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!”

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