Key iPhone 12 and 13 features compared ahead of Christmas

Every September, Apple releases a new iPhone, and every September, dedicated fans of the brand camp outside shops to get their hands on the latest smartphone before everyone else.

But many people don't have the money or the need for the newest bit of kit, especially when last year's offering is just as good in many ways.

If you're thinking about buying an iPhone either for yourself or a loved one, both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12 have plenty to offer.

While the newer model has seen improvements to the screen, battery life and camera, it isn't a complete break with its predecessor, which offers almost the same features at a lower price point.

So what are the key differences between the iPhone 12 or 13?

iPhone 12: last year's best phone on a budget

The iPhone 12 added many important new features to Apple's smartphone lineup. It was the first iPhone to have 5G capabilities, as well as a powerful A14 Bionic processor.

It also has a beefy dual-camera system that offers 4K HDR recording, a better battery life than before, and a new flat-edged design.

In terms of colours, the iPhone 12 is available in white, black, blue, green, red, and purple.

Perhaps the best thing about the iPhone 12 is its price. Older iPhones get cheaper every time a new one comes out. That means you can nab a new iPhone 12 for £679 directly from Apple, or you can get it even cheaper elsewhere.

Amazon currently has a refurbished iPhone 12 for £510, or you can get one off GiffGaff for £479. Refurbished means that any faulty or old parts (like the screen or the battery) are repaired and replaced, and the seller will give you a guarantee in case it breaks.

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Apple iPhone 13: Apple's flagship phone offers amazing performance at a price

The new iPhone 13 was only released in September, but it's predictably become very popular in the last three months.

It adds mostly incremental upgrades to the previous iPhone 12, including a faster A15 Bionic which is up to 50 percent more powerful than the competition.

The iPhone 13 also has a much larger battery than the iPhone 12, as well as some big camera upgrades. It's a little bit heavier than its predecessor but is exactly the same size as the iPhone 12. It's available in black, blue, white, pink, and red.

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As you might expect, the iPhone 13 has a steeper price than the iPhone 12. It's £100 more expensive at £779, and also isn't being widely sold as refurbished just yet.

However, you can pay for it monthly over a longer period with the likes of giffgaff, EE or O2.

All in all, the iPhone 12 and 13 are remarkably similar phones. If you can stretch to an extra £100, the iPhone 13 definitely has some big improvements, but you won't be disappointed by its older sibling.

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