Woman says she is including her ex-husband in deal to sweeten a house sale

A woman has said she will include her ex-husband as part of a house sale, claiming that he'll even cook and clean for the potential new buyers.

Crystal Ball, 43, has separated from her husband of seven years, Richard Chaillou, 54, but the two remain on good terms, with Ball saying she and her ex-spouse are determined not to fall out.

The pair have owned several businesses together and have one son, with Crystal owning three properties in Florida, America, with the intention of selling two for a profit after they're done up and kitted out.

The mum-of-two is now trying to sweeten the deal by offering to include her ex-husband in the sale of one property.

She's doing so to make sure he'll have a place to stay after the split, with the tongue-in-cheek listing describing Richard as a "helping hand" who can cook and clean for the new owners in exchange for a room on the property.

Crystal is even happy to knock off money on the asking price, which currently sits at £557,000 ($699,000), if she can flog her ex-husband in the sale.

The pair's humorous offer has received baffled users on social media confused by the proposal in a now viral listing.

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Crystal said: "Me and Richard have had our problems but we're all sorted now and want the best for each other. We're still close as a family, and we wanted to use our divorce to help sell the house whilst looking after our own interests as well.

"It isn't a requirement that the buyer takes Richard, but the option is there for them if they'd like to knock some money off the price of the property.

"The listing agents we've been through are trying to claim it's against the rules what were doing, and they keep removing the house from their websites. Taking the photos was hilarious, and I particularly like the appearance of the tiger in some of the shots.

"Hopefully someone sees the funny side in it and takes both the house and Richard off my hands sooner rather than later!"

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