‘Real Bigfoot’ shot on heat camera is ‘proof’ sasquatches exist, say believers

Internet users are in a frenzy over new images from a thermal camera appearing to show a "real Bigfoot" walking through some woods.

The footage, from the latest episode of American TV series Expedition Bigfoot, sees a team of researchers capture the heat signal of a bipedal being in a forest in the state of Washington.

The show follows anthropologist Mireya Mayor and Bigfoot experts Bryce Johnson, Ronny LeBlanc and Russell Acord as they investigate historical sightings in search of the mythical beast.

The clip was shared to Reddit forum r/Bigfoot where enthusiasts are certain that it proves once and for all that Sasquatches exist.

"Looks like a real Bigfoot," one person said.

Another wrote: "Nuts. Best evidence I have seen yet. Renewed my faith in the possibility of Bigfoot existing. I was starting to lose hope."

A third said: "No way that was a crew member, absolutely legitimate."

While a fourth added: "What is it going to take for people to believe the bigfoot/sasquatch species is real? This is possibly the best proof you are going to get."

The team used several military patrol drones to capture the footage, linked to tracking sensors set up to only record the movements of anything weighing more than 300lbs (136kg).

Despite this, some Reddit users weren't as convicted by the clip.

One, sitting on the fence, said: "That looks pretty interesting. I'd definitely say it's either a Bigfoot or a person, given the arm swings.

"Could it have been a crew member (or someone trying to hoax them)? If not then I think the investments in the technology in this show are finally starting to pay off."

Agreeing, someone else said: "Either they staged it or its a real BF [Bigfoot]. You can clearly see long arm movement, so to me that rules out a person. And it sure as hell ain't no bear."

Some, however, weren't convicted at all.

One wrote: "Not clear on how you can rule out a human."

"These shows are clearly fake," said someone else.

"It’s frustrates the hell out of me how people actually get fooled by this."

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