Google Maps users left terrified after finding eerie ‘floating head’ in park

Google Maps users have been left absolutely terrified by what appears to be a floating head in a park.

The image from Google Maps' Street View shows a woman's head, with no torso or limbs in sight, hovering eerily above a bench.

Following the coordinates reveals that the head was pictured at Sky Family Park in central Kyiv, Ukraine, an entertainment centre boasting a swimming pool, go-karting track and trampolines.

Sky Family Park is currently closed amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The spooky snap was shared to Reddit forum r/googlemapsshenanigans where internet users have been sharing their horror.

"Lol that’s creepy af. Great find," one person wrote.

Another suggested it was "definitely a ghost", while a third person jokingly declared: "She identifies as a park bench."

Someone else said that it reminded them of The Sims, a popular video game where players create virtual people and direct their lives.

Taking the fun away from everyone else's theories, another Reddit user offered a genuine explanation as to how the floating head came to be.

They wrote: "It looks like more than one frame stitched together incorrectly.

"Look at the top board of the back of the bench. Also look at the top of the trashcan."

To which the original poster of the image replied: "So it's not a floating head?"

Even more bizarrely, this discovery comes after Google Maps users spotted a man with everything but a head.

The headless man, located at Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City, appeared on Street View dressed in a full hazmat suit.

Users who shifted the angle of the Street View camera also discovered that the man appeared to dance around a pole as the Google Maps car drove past.

To make things even more perplexing, the location is near a very secure United States Navy-owned area which includes lots of security and building equipment.

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