Best eco-friendly gadgets from smartphones to upcycled umbrella lamps

There’s no such thing as a totally eco-friendly gadget but these are kinder than most.

Featuring sleek desk lamps and bright diving watches, and even a special environmentally-friendly phone, these are our top picks for modern gadgetry that will you help you do your bit to save the world.


According to Suri, a whopping four billion toothbrushes are chucked in the bin every year.

Make it one less by scrubbing your gnashers with this electric brush, which uses recyclable plant-based heads and can be easily repaired if it breaks.

It’s greener than brushing your teeth with a sprig of broccoli.

Buy it for £72 from Try Suri.

Fairphone 4

Proof that choosing a more eco-friendly phone doesn’t have to mean sacrificing specs, the Android-powered Fairphone 4 has a 6.3in Full HD+ screen, dual 48MP cameras round the back, and support for speedy 5G.

Its modular design means you can repair it yourself, but the chassis is still splash- and dustproof.

Buy it from £499 from Fairphone.

Triwa SUB Ocean Plastic

Waterproof right down to 10m and made of recycled ocean plastics, this Triwa diving watch should feel right at home under the sea.

Available in three colours – navy blue, orange and black – and with a rotating bezel plus oversized luminous indexes and hands, it should also look right at home on your wrist.

Buy it for £129 from Triwa.

Anti Lamp

Upcycling is a brilliant way of cutting down on waste, but what if you don’t have the skills for it?

Anti will do the hard work for you, turning old umbrellas into desk and table lamps that use energy efficient bulbs and won’t get blown inside out at the slightest hint of wind.

Buy it for £120 (table) and £160 (desk) from Anti-Waste.

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