Bloke found with 2lbs of gold up his bum at airport after ‘acting suspiciously’

A man who was searched by customs officers at an Indian airport after they spotted him acting “suspiciously” turned out to have one two pounds of almost pure gold hidden in his rectum.

And it's not the first time.

The passenger, who had arrived on an Air Arabia flight to the city of Jaipur yesterday (Friday, April 23), “was looking suspicious from his manners,” according to an airport official.

They added: “Therefore, a personal search was carried out.”

During the search, three transparent polyethylene capsules wrapped in white plastic were found to have been concealed inside gentleman’s rectum, officials said.

Inside the capsules was a quality of yellowish metal granules that turned out to be almost pure gold.

"The 791 gram gold of 99.50% purity valued at Rs 42,79,310 (about £43,000) was extracted and was seized," the official said, adding that the suspected smuggler had been arrested and a full investigation of the incident was was under way.

Just a few days before that incident, another would-be bullion smuggler was nabbed at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International airport with just over £31,000-worth of gold hidden up his bottom and in his wig.

According to the Customs Commissioner Office, the offender was inbound from Abu Dhabi.

On April 2, a smuggler was intercepted at Jaipur railway station with six “biscuits” of gold secreted up his bottom.

According to a report from India’s customs office, nearly three tons of gold has been seized from smugglers in Indian airports between the beginning of January 2011 and the beginning of this year.

Some 1,632 people, including 324 foreigners, have been arrested in these cases

In the same period, Indian Customers officers logged the interception of 75 shipments of illegal drugs, 317 cases of foreign currency, and 42 cases of people smuggling quantities of the endangered red sandalwood tree as well as some 355 other miscellaneous smuggling cases.

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