Russian models banned from OnlyFans again in response to Putin’s war on Ukraine

OnlyFans models in Russia have once again been removed from the platform, due to 'tightening' payment restrictions to and from the country amid Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Access to the service was heavily restricted during the early days of the invasion in February, before being restored shortly afterwards.

In March, an OnlyFans spokesperson told VICE: "After experiencing financial restrictions we have been able to restore account activity for creators in all countries. Their accounts will have full functionalities as long as we continue to have payment methods to support them."

However, it now seems that they've been forced to U-turn on that particular U-turn, due to further restrictions on payments to and from Russia.

In a statement, OnlyFans said: "Over the past few months we have explored several options to continue providing our services to creators impacted by the Russia / Ukraine war.

"However due to a further tightening of payment restrictions to and from Russia, OnlyFans can no longer properly serve our Russian creator community.

"As a result, we are taking steps to temporarily pause accounts where payments are received in Russia."

Russian creators on the platform are reportedly receiving notifications that their "country is not supported for payouts".

Russian OnlyFans models have responded by moving to other platforms. In March, 'SixSexPlanes' from Moscow said that content creators have nothing to do with the conflict.

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She said: "It’s important to say, we all don’t support our government. We’re suffering about it all time and now we’re all just shocked. I believe that the government will not care about sanctions, and they will hit ordinary people too.

"OnlyFans is first example, maybe….I have many friends from Ukraine. We are all afraid for them and are watching, we are trying to support, but we do not have the opportunity to change anything."

She has apparently now moved to an alternative site, Fansly.

Another OnlyFans creator, Bunnie Mommy, said "Nothing will compare with war and explosions near your home, but blocking bank accounts of peaceful Russian people, blocking working pages and freezing income won't help Ukraine."

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