Gran rubbishes ‘world’s oldest Easter egg’ claim as she’s owned one for 73 years

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In the most curious of festive grudge matches, a great grandmother has squashed another woman's claims of owning the ‘worlds oldest Easter egg’ by claiming she owns one over a decade older.

Earlier this week, Hillion Fern made headlines with her 62-year-old Easter egg, which she had been given when she was 13 but found it was ‘too pretty to eat’.

The egg costs the 75-year-old a whopping £80 a month to keep refrigerated.

However, 80-year-old June Dawlton claims to have beaten her record by 11 years.

June was gifted the egg 73-years-ago by her brother, and it has since survived three house moves without so much as a crack.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, June said: "I had it when I was a seven-year-old and I'm nearly 81, so that's quite old. It was a nice white sugar one, and inside was a little cardboard boy and girl I think, with a little lamb.

"Now the sugar has turned brown but I'm still holding onto it.

"A couple of years ago it was still white with a bit of brown, but now it's totally brown."

The Easter egg, which is older than Meryl Streep, and the moon landing, was crafted while King George VI was still on the throne.

Much like Hillion, June from Haverhill, Suffolk found her egg “too nice” to eat and preserved it – despite only being only seven at the time, as reported by the Mirror.

She said: "It was a gift from my brother and sister in law, that was when they were courting.

  • Woman keeps Easter egg for 62 years and pays £80 a month to stop it melting

"I think it was bought from Dalston in Hackey, from a little tobacconist by the station.

"It's just been stored away, my brother stored it for a few years then he gave it back to me. It's just been in the cupboard. It's in its original box, the packing is proper cellophane – you don't see that so much these days.

"The egg's moved house about three times, it's still whole. It will remain whole, I don't know what they'll do with it when I move on – maybe they'll throw it in a skip."

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