OnlyFans star is ‘witch’ who ‘saw dad’s murder in a dream’ two weeks before

An OnlyFans star says she is a "witch" who foresaw her dad's tragic murder in a dream when she was just 12-years-old.

Canadian-born Alice Irving, now 24, rarely shares this with people, fearing that they would call her crazy, yet she insists being a witch isn't anything like you would assume.

Alice told the Daily Star: "The definition of a witch really changed throughout the years and it's very subjective. There are some places in the world where it's still illegal.

"I'm not doing anything related to dark magic or anything negative, for me it's the opposite – only positive things."

From a young age the adult star says she had a "higher sense of intuition" and "sensibility" compared to normal people, being able to predict things or having people come to her in dreams with warnings.

The most shocking example was her dad's death.

"When I was like 12-years-old I had a dream where my father died being shot," she explained.

"Then two weeks later he got shot and died."

In other instances her dead relatives, usually grandparents or parents, would speak to her in dreams and warn her of a certain name or person.

She added: "A few weeks after I would meet someone with that exact name and they'd have bad intentions. It's really wild."

Sometimes Alice isn't even asleep when the warnings come to her.

She said that as a child she would always walk the same path to and from school.

"One day… my body told me, 'Don't take this road', and it took me so much longer and I got sh*t for it because my parents were worried.

"That same day a girl in my neighbourhood went missing, on that exact same day from that exact same road."

Incredibly, Alice reckons that "anybody can be a witch in certain ways", although fine tuning your body's intuition requires some major sacrifices.

Anything that is "destructive" for the body – be that booze, drugs or cigarettes – is strictly off limits.

She explained: "If you're in good health, exercise, eat well, read a lot, drink water… your body then becomes sharper and sharper, more sensitive and receptive to things."

Previously, Alice told the Daily Star about how she earned eye-watering sums of money running a 'seven deadly sins cult', with thousands of men paying just to hear her speak.

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