Proposed 'UFO-style' hotels would be five stars of floating luxury

A new UFO-style design will see five-star hotel rooms cruise the sea.

So-called Pearlsuites will allow guests to float in luxury in private accommodations.

The concept is the brainchild of designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini on behalf of Italian water transport company Jet Capsule.

The motorised electric pods will offer a zero-emission option for hotels and resorts wanting to increase capacity in a relatively small time period.

Lazzarini explain: ‘The Pearlsuites are designed in order to be assembled in a very fast time, offering the customers to obtain their units much faster than a traditional civil construction.’

Measuring seven metres in diameter, the pods offer one metre of surrounding walkable external deck. Internally, there is up to 22 square metres available.

Jet Capsules would offer a range of builds, from a £230,000 top-spec flagship version to a £38,000, simplified open version suitable for beach clubs.

Lazzarini say solar-power will provide all the needed energy for air conditioning, lighting, fridge propulsion and other appliances. Storage in the hull can house additional power sources and systems.

The design company say: ‘The suites can be optionally equipped with gyroscope stabiliser system or a fuel cell hydrogen generator can be mounted in order to produce energy onboard, ensuring energy available even in the case of several days with low solar irradiation, for example during rainy days.

‘The concept intends to hit the hospitality sector, offering to all the existing and next beach resorts to establish or expand their number of rooms in matter of weeks; with zero carbon footprint, zero infrastructures, zero land occupied, and at a very low implementation cost.’

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