Bloke dressed as the Joker spotted towing away ‘Batmobile’ in funny clip

Reddit have been left in hysterics at footage of a man dressed as the Joker towing a 'Batmobile'.

In the bizarre clip which may or may not inspire the next Batman movie, a truck driver caked in clownish face paint grins and sticks out his thumb towards a passing driver.

The excitable motorist behind the video, films as he pulls up alongside the car carrier with what looks to be a one of a kind Batmobile.

As if spotting a rare comic book superhero's car on the road was not enough quality content, the clip only gets better once the driver is revealed.

Bruce Wayne's arch nemesis, the Joker, appears to have finally bested the Caped Crusader by making off with his precious motor.

Laughter and a tooted horn can be heard as the two motorists greet each other on the road.

The unknown Joker wannabe steps into the shoes of Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and most recently Joaquin Phoenix and appears fully invested in the role.

Playing on the DC villain's famous line, the footage was shared on Reddit's r/unexpected with the caption: "You wanna know how I got these cars?"

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Comments have since flooded as more than 7.4 million views had been racked up by this afternoon (Tuesday, April 13).

One Reddit user commented: “Dress for the job you want”

Another added: “Read the title and I still didn't expect that.”

“Maybe I've just been on this sub too long but I instantly thought it was the joker driving,” a third said

People have suggested they know the prankster and claim he is the owner of the car.

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One user commented: “No lie, theres a real Batmobile driving around a town close to where my grandmother lives. She's lived there for 25+ years and I've seen this vehicle (very similar to one in this video) at least once every couple of years for my entire life. So cool.”

Someone else claims: “I actually know the guy that owns the original Batcopter and the Batmobile. This is likely him. He regularly dresses up as Batman when he takes them to car shows or cons.”

British fans of the epic Joker film can now stream the 2019 movie on Netflix.

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