Amazon is increasing prices for thousands of customers, here’s how to beat the price hike

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Amazon has already announced plans to increase prices for millions of Amazon Prime members in the United States, and hot on the heels of that unwanted update, the company has confirmed plans to hike fees for its Music Unlimited service. This time around though, prices will be rising for Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers in the UK too. At the moment if you’re a Prime member you can subscribe to Music Unlimited for £7.99 per month (instead of the regular £9.99 per month) or £79 a year, with this rising to £8.99 per month and £89 per year on May 5. However, if you want to beat this price rise you can simply pay for a year’s worth of Music Unlimited access today.

Amazon Music Unlimited Prime price

Amazon is raising the price of its Music Unlimited service in May. The Spotify rival costs £9.99 per month if you’re not with Prime and £7.99 if you are. The Prime price is rising to £8.99 a month in May, but you can beat this price rise by signing up to a year’s worth of access today – saving you almost £30 on the total monthly price tag across 12 months

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