Ultimate Warrior’s disturbing autopsy showed heart was twice the normal size

WWE legend Ultimate Warrior's autopsy showed off some grisly results and disturbing details including a heart that had swelled to twice the size.

Warrior, real name James Brian Hellwig, passed on April 8, 2014, just days after being inducted into the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame.

Warrior, who was known for feuding frequently with A-Listers like Hulk Hogan, gave a touching but eerie speech just one day before he died on an episode of Monday Night Raw, where he said his "spirit" would "run on forever" and thanked fans.

His foreboding speech was delivered to the crowd, where Warrior said: "Every man's heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe a final breath".

The 54-year-old's death came as a shock to wrestling fans and industry professionals, and an autopsy report revealed the gruesome circumstances surrounding his death.

Warrior, who had called time on his 13-year career in 1998 but briefly returned to the ring in 2008, suffered a fatal heart attack that stunned the wrestling world.

An autopsy released by the Maricopa County Office in Arizona showed the legend of the ring had atherosclerotic/arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, with a diagnosis of an enlarged heart.

At the time of his death, the WWE Hall of Famer's heart weight 650 grams, more than twice the average weight of an adult male heart.

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The autopsy also showed that his arteries had narrowed by roughly 50 to 60 percent, which limited blood flow and increased the risk of stroke.

But heart issues weren't the only problem for the man billed as being from "Parts Unknown," with other details including excess fluid on the lungs and a "history of witnessed sudden collapse with immediate apnoea and pulselessness" reported.

The wrestler had reportedly received prescriptions for Vyvanse, an ADHD treatment drug and hydrocodone, a pain reliever, Grunge reports.

Warrior also had a history of sleep apnoea, congestive heart failure and chronic anterior horn cell disease, which affects the spinal chord.

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