Spotify adds new ‘TikTok for music’ feature to app – here’s how to use it

Spotify users could soon get their music through a new TikTok-style 'discovery feed', as yet another app tries to mimic the wildly popular video platform.

Spotify is reportedly testing on a personalised music feed on the app's home screen which will feed users new tunes accompanied with canvas loops, the animated clips that appear with some songs.

The feature will look just like TikTok, with a vertically-scrolling video feed of short clips.

Each day, the feed will recommend Spotify users 15 new songs, which can be easily added to a playlist. It will also serve up artist pages for you to follow.

The new feature is currently being trialled in the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

In a blog post, Spotify explained that all users have to do is scroll up or down to see new personalised picks every day.

The streaming giant said: "Whether you want to get a glimpse into the creator’s mindset or learn more about the story behind the song, with this new beta test, we want to help you get closer than ever before to your favorite artists."

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It's not clear whether, or when, Spotify will extend the feature to its users in the rest of the world, but it could definitely encourage more artists on the service to begin uploading 'Canvas' loops.

You can already see some of these loops for yourself when you play certain songs. They might be excerpts from a music video, such as Olivia Rodrigo's song 'Brutal' which features a cake being smashed.

Spotify is not the only app to take a leaf out of TikTok's book. The Meta-owned apps Instagram and Facebook both feature a vertical scrolling video tool which apes that of TikTok, and even features republished versions of many TikTok videos.

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