Job hunter rejected from ‘dream’ role after accidentally submitting STD results

A job hunter claims his application for a "dream" role was ruined after he uploaded his STD results instead of his cover letter by mistake.

Jacques Paul spent hours filling out an application and proofreading it for a digital marketing role with one of the "big four" consulting firms.

But Jacques "freaked out" soon after submitting his application when the 27-year-old realised he could not withdraw the application that included his sexual health screening results, and was worried about explaining the mistake to the recruiter.

The embarrassed influencer has since landed another job but hopes his experience will be valuable in "de-stigmatising mistakes" and tackle stigmas around sexual health.

Jacques said: "It was horrible at the time but it's a funny story now. I was applying for this job while listening to music, checking the news, I was looking at Covid rates and doing something else on the side – I was multi-tasking.

"I'd just got my PDF [of my STD test results] downloaded and I was all negative thankfully. But then I accidentally attached it to the job application and sent it in.

"I thought 'okay, I'm good. This is a dream job, I'd really like to work here'. It was one of the big four consulting firms, it was [for] digital marketing."

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But Jacques, who had been on a job hunt for 18 months and was rejected from this position just three days later, says disaster struck when he received an email confirmation for his application and checked to "make sure everything was okay".

He said: "Then I saw the PDF of the STD results and freaked out. This was mid-Covid, about a year and a half ago, and everyone was looking for new jobs.

"I put a lot of thought and time into applying for this. You have to make sure your CV is adjusted. I couldn't change the application and the only email that was [on the website] was IT support. I wasn't going to make it a bigger deal than it already was."

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Jacques continued: "I freaked out and just waited hoping there was a very nice, sensible human on the other side seeing it and knowing it was an honest mistake and they'd reach out for the actual cover letter.

"But that obviously did not happen. Within 72 hours I got a standard message saying they weren't proceeding with the application. I figured I could follow up and ask for feedback, but I think I knew what it was.

"It looked like I was submitting my application and saying 'and here's another good thing about me – I don't have any STDs'."

Jacques' employment blunder went viral on social media app TikTok, where he says his "honest mistake" has helped people feel more comfortable about CV mix-ups.

He hopes that the blunder will "destigmatise sexual health and really get people to test themselves, take care of themselves and not have it be such a taboo".

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