TikTok users say their ‘brains hurt’ after seeing mind-boggling optical illusion

TikTok users are baffled by an incredible new optical illusion which seems to bend all the laws of physics.

A viral clip uploaded by gloss shows someone throwing a brick into a lake.

However, the splashback from the water turns into a giant beer bottle, which morphs into the interior of a rusty oil barrel.

This then falls over and is revealed to all be on the back of a shovel which is chucked on the ground.

The video, which has hundreds of thousands of views, appears to be the work of some sophisticated CGI, but that hasn't stopped TikTok users from sharing their confusion.

TikTok commenters seem utterly bamboozled by the video. "I can't even tell if this video is real anymore – am I even real?" wrote user luckzze.

"We can't trust anything in this world anymore," said another.

"These videos just hurt my brain. I don't understand how they make it like that" said one TikToker.

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TikTok is a hotbed of optical illusions thanks to its quick, short video formats and instantly shareable clips.

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