Restaurant owner’s savage response to Google reviewer who spotted rat

Social media users were left in hysterics after a woman was slammed for her one-star Google Maps review.

The woman, who gave the name Natasha Hovarth, left a poor review on an undisclosed restaurant, writing: "I saw a rat whilst eating here."

But rather than the restaurant receiving further negative responses regarding the health and safety of their venue, they were praised for giving a 'savage' response that has become a meme on social media.

The restaurant owner wrote: "That's called a mirror…"

The screenshot was posted to Facebook on March 31, with the caption: "This restaurant owner does not give an F."

It has since received over 1.3k shares and hundreds of comments from social media users who found the post hilarious.

One commenter said: "Would literally eat here just for this comment, to shake the hand of this owner."

Another added: "Savage."

A third wrote: "Wait… is it Amy's restaurant from my kitchen nightmares ???"

A fourth quipped: "Most likely my ex."

  • Bloke claims to have 'bonked' a lake in bizarre five-star Google Maps review

The news comes after another weird Google review went viral after a man claimed he had 'bonked' a lake in the US.

In the review which was posted a man named Jake Orrall ranked the area as five stars – which comes as no surprise considering the experience he says he has.

The bloke simply wrote "I bonked it" as the only review of Forbes Pond Preserve on Google Maps with a picture of himself.

Screenshots of the review have now begun circulating on Reddit after the bizarre revelation was made two months ago.

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It's not clear what he meant by 'bonked' as the word is usually used in reference to a sexual encounter – but just how does someone have sex with a lake?

However, according to the urban dictionary, it can also be used to refer to getting high or messing something up – so really, what happened with this man is anyone's guess.

According to the user's Google profile, they have made 26 reviews on various locations across the US and a few of them definitely made it to the weird list.

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