Pampered Facebook staff angry after Zuckerberg makes them wash their own clothes

Facebook and Instagram staff are reportedly fuming after one of their favourite perks—free laundry and dry cleaning—has been stripped from them.

Meta (formerly Facebook) said it has 'adjusted' employee benefits to the needs of its post-Covid workforce, starting with free laundry and free dinners.

One Meta staff member wrote on an anonymous job board Blind to complain about the change, saying "I have been using laundry benefit and love that cleaners come home, pick up stuff and bring it back.

"Such a helpful one where clothes are folded and I don’t have to worry much and focus that time for my axis work.”

The post was apparently met with mockery by other users of the forum, according to SFGate. One commenter joked: "zuck will fold the clothes himself for you," while another said "still far better than any other company."

Meta spokesperson Tracy Clayton said: “As we return to the office, we’ve adjusted on-site services and amenities to better reflect the needs of our hybrid workforce.

"We believe people and teams will be increasingly distributed in the future, and we're committed to building an experience that helps everyone be successful.”

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Clean bedding isn't the only perk Meta is stripping.

The New York Times reports that the company has removed takeaway boxes from its free canteen, with staff fuming that they can't bring home a free meal or take home 10 free steaks in takeaway boxes.

Like other Silicon Valley tech companies, Meta is famous for offering generous perks to staff, including medical care, a paid month off every five years on top of annual leave, a free work canteen, and gaming areas in the office.

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