Get fastest UK broadband at half the cost of Virgin Media thanks to Community Fibre deal

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Beaming blisteringly quick downloads into your home just got a whole lot cheaper. That’s all thanks to a new deal from UK Internet Service Provider Community Fibre which is offering its speedy 1,000Mbps service for just £30 per month. To put that price into some perspective, Virgin Media’s Gig1 option – which also offers speeds of around 1,000Mbps – currently costs £62 per month. That cost makes Gig1 over twice the price of Community Fibre.

Community Fibre (75Mbps)

Community Fibre dubs itself as London’s fastest full fibre broadband provider. And prices for the service – which has an impressive 4.9 rating on Trustpilot – start from just £20 a month for the 75Mbps plan. This is cheaper than equivalent offerings from leading ISPs Virgin Media and BT broadband.

Contract Length: 24 months | Extras: Free Router | Set-Up Cost: £ FREE

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Community Fibre (1Gbps)

Alternatively, if you’re after Gigabit broadband than Community Fibre’s 1Gbps plan is available from £45 a month. Prices for Virgin Media’s Gigabit broadband start at £62 a month, while for BT its £59.99 a month. All Community Fibre plans include a free Linksys router bundled in with it.

Contract Length: 24 months | Extras: Free Router | Set-Up Cost: £ FREE

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