Drug addict’s penis turns black after releasing ‘foul-smelling discharge’

A drug addict watched as his penis rotted and turned black after he injected it with cocaine.

The 35-year-old Hispanic man rocked up at hospital three days after injecting his penis with the Class A drug, complaining of "excruciating" pain.

Doctors in the Bronx, New York, found that the skin on the unidentified man's penis had died, releasing a "foul-smelling" discharge and turning completely black.

Skin around the Hispanic man's scrotum was also beginning to rot and peel away from the base of his penis, with the patient admitting that he had injected his penis with cocaine right into the dorsal vein.

The dorsal vein runs along the top of the shaft, and the man did not say why he had injected himself there with the drug.

Reports indicate that the man began to improve after a five-day antibiotic drip was attached to him, with doctors prescribing a further ten-day course of pills after he was discharged from hospital.

Doctors say he "slowly" improved but the 35-year-old "refused" to go to rehab, with it remaining unclear whether or not the man has made a full recovery.

Injecting cocaine into the body is more likely among regular cocaine users, usually because the body has built up a tolerance to the drug, Daily Mail reports.

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Doctors who treated the patient said: "Our case highlights the importance of taking a thorough history from intravenous drug users, as they are at risk of injecting drugs into unusual sites.

"It is very important for the physician to counsel active intravenous drug users regarding possible complications of injecting drugs into unusual sites."

When admitted to hospital, the patient said he had injected cocaine into his penis twice over the previous fortnight without any issues.

His treatment also involved care for the wound, but this was not detailed by doctors.

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