Barefoot young boy spotted on Google Maps clutching huge pistol in street

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A little boy was spotted holding a pistol on Google Maps – which seems to have tugged at the heartstrings of some fans on Reddit.

The image, posted to the subreddit r/googlemapsshenanigans and which shows the child wearing a pair of shorts with no shirt or shoes, was captioned: "You came to the wrong neighbourhood…"

He was seen holding the weapon in his left hand by his side. His face was blurred out as standard with the app's protocol.

The snap, which was found on Street View in Negombo, Sri Lanka, sparked a few jokes in the Reddit forums but not everyone could see the funny side.

One user said: "His lil fingers can barely wrap around the handle. It’s sad when people have children in bad conditions."

Another added: "Imagine getting shot by this little guy."

A third said: "If I ever find myself in Negombo I’ll be sure to keep the doors locked and windows up at all times."

A fourth wrote: "Toy gun (I hope)."

It has not been confirmed whether the weapon is real or not.

The news comes after a huge 'bomb target' that can be seen from space in the US via Google Maps.

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Reddit user u/patchesandbrownie shared the find to the subreddit r/GoogleMaps claiming to have found the bullseye in South Dakota using the satellite view feature.

The original poster wrote: "Found what seems to be an old bomb target in South Dakota – 1450ft wide."

They later corrected their measurements to over 2,000ft after posting the coordinates of the astonishing find as 43°39'17"N 102°19'55"W.

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The post fascinated Reddit users as they give it 89 upvotes and speculated whether it was used for nuclear weapons testing or by NASA.

One user said: "I guess it was for nuclear testing."

Another added: "I think this is for calibrating targeting systems on satellite weapons to eradicate the giant roach people. But I could be wrong."

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