Apple makes it pointless to nick iPhones as it won’t fix stolen gadgets anymore

Stealing an iPhone could lead to a disappointing payoff in future, as Apple has reportedly ordered its stores not to repair or replace stolen or lost smartphones.

According to MacRumors, the tech giant has sent out a memo to Apple Stores and authorised resellers not to accept devices for repair if a phone has been reported as missing.

The global GSMA registry allows gadget owners to register their devices and list them as lost or stolen. Now, if Apple technicians receive a notification from the registry that the device in question has gone missing, they will have to turn down a repair.

The idea is that it will stop thieves stealing broken devices and cashing in on free repairs, as well as turn people off of buying cheaper secondhand iPhones in case they're not entitled to any repairs.

This adds to Apple's existing policy of turning down repairs when a customer can't deactivate the Find My iPhone feature. This tool is used to help iPhone users find their phone, but doubles as a security check on whether an iPhone owner is genuine or not.

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According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is looking at launching a new service which would sit alongside iCloud, AppleTV+, Apple Music, and Fitness+.

This would allow more people to get their hands on Apple's expensive gadgets, which can run upwards of £1000 in the case of the highest-end iPhones.

Although there are few concrete details confirmed yet, it seems that it would be similar to monthly phone contract plans you can already get with companies like O2 or giffgaff.

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