Your BT Broadband bill will increase from Thursday, and that’s not even the worst part

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Yup, it’s that time of year again. BT will increase prices for almost all customers, including BT Broadband, landline, BT Mobile, BT Sport and BT TV, from Thursday March 31. Worse still, customers will be hit with the biggest price hike in years – with most faced with a record-busting 9.3 percent increase to their bills each month. Ouch. BT has contacted all customers who will be clobbered with the price hike, so those who haven’t received an email or letter from the telecoms firm by now will be safe in the knowledge that they’re exempt from the wallet-busting price rise.

BT increases the cost for its customers each year – this is outlined in the small print of the contract when you sign-up for a deal – with monthly bills always rising by a set formula tied to inflation. BT relies on the Consumer Price Index, or CPI, to measure inflation in the UK. The Office of National Statistics publishes the CPI rate each month, which is based on household spending. BT always adds 3.9 percent to the CPI rate published by the Government body in January – and that’s it. Last year, this calculation resulted in a price rise of 4.5 percent for all BT customers.

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