TikTok reportedly testing 'Watch History' feature

Can’t find that TikTok video you scrolled past but forgot to ‘like’?

Well, good news: The app may be about to introduce a YouTube-style ‘watch history’ feature to ensure you don’t lose track of the videos you watch.

TikTok is seemingly testing the idea for some users allowing them to find videos from their ‘For You’ page they didn’t have a chance to save.

After all, finding a TikTok that you forgot to save can be near impossible with the app’s constant stream of content. Accidentally refreshing your ‘For You’ page could mean losing that perfect recipe or hack that you swear could change your life.

Turns out it’s a common complaint among users so the addition of this new feature would be a welcome one.

The feature was first noticed by Twitter user Hammod Oh, who often uncovers features that are currently being tested by social media platforms.

Going by the screenshots posted by Oh and other users, users could soon be able to access their watch history from the app’s ‘settings and privacy’ section.

With the new feature, finding a lost TikTok video will be more straightforward so hopefully we can see it out of testing and on to our devices soon.

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