The future of fast food is a 12ft-square robot vending machine

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In yet another worrying sign of our increasingly automated future, fast food is now being served via vending machine.

Over in New Jersey in the US, a shopping mall has installed the first ‘RoboBurger’ outlet.

It’s a 12ft-square box containing a robotic chef that’ll cook and serve customers a piping hot fresh beef burger in just six minutes.

No human contact needed.

The machine plugs into a regular wall socket and has a built-in refrigerator, automated griddle and a cleaning system.

Like other automated processes, it can operate 24/7, never takes a sick day and doesn’t ask for a pay increase.

It’s been installed in the Newport Centre mall, but the company behind it hopes to expand to airports, colleges, offices, factories and military bases.

We could be looking at the future of fast food service.

‘RoboBurger gives everyone freshly grilled, delicious burgers — while ensuring a safe, contactless experience,’ explained Audley Wilson, the CEO of RoboBurger which was founded in 2019.

‘RoboBurger always comes out piping hot and is never pre-cooked and kept warm,’ he told Fox News. 

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