Instagram DOWN: Is Instagram down today? Server status latest

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UPDATE: The issues affecting Instagram this evening appear to have been resolved.

Down Detector has seen a steep decline in the number of users reporting problems with Instagram, which indicates whatever was causing issues for users has now been fixed.

ORIGINAL: Instagram down reports are flooding in today with swathes of users experiencing issues with the popular social network.

The Instagram down reports began surging after 6pm UK time today with independent outage monitor Down Detector registering a big spike in Instagram down reports.

According to Down Detector stats, the vast majority of Instagram down reports are to do with problems with the Instagram app itself.

At the time of writing, has recorded a peak of over 10,000 reports of Instagram down.

Twitter reacts to Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp outages

Out of the reported issues, some 73 percent of these are to do with the Instagram app itself, with 16 percent to do with the Instagram app and 12 percent related to the Instagram feed.

As the issues hit Instagram users took to Twitter to report the problems they were facing, and see if anyone else was experiencing technical issues.

One tweeted: “Instagram down again”.

While another posted: “Instagram is down, guess I should get back to work. Oh look, Twitter memes”.

One added: “It’s time for another round of ‘is it my internet or is Instagram down for the millionth time this month?'”

And another wrote: “Instagram down again?”

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