Death is made easier by visions of loved ones close to end, claims hospice nurse

A hospice nurse says it's very common for someone near death to be reunited with their loved ones in a vision right before the end.

Explaining the phenomenon in a TikTok video, Julie @hospicenursejulie says it really happens and she is not trying to "sugarcoat" death.

In the clip, Julie says: "We are all going to die, so listen up. This is one of my favourite facts about death and dying.

"An actual sign of dying that we actually educate about on hospice to all our patients and families is something we call 'visioning'.

"This is not something we'd say just to sugarcoat death, this is something that actually happens.

"Usually about a month to a few weeks before death the person who is dying will start seeing dead relatives, loved ones, friends, or pets. Physically seeing them.

"Every once in a while it's in dreams but it's usually in actual real time. The things people are seeing usually make them feel very comforted and secure about dying."

The video was watched more than 5million times and many people shared similar experiences in the comments.

One viewer said: "When my grandpa was dying he said 'my family is here' and I said 'yes we are' and he said 'no, not you guys.'"

A second user shared: "My mom fought dying. I told her in her last days, when you see grandma, take her hand. She replied, 'I’ve already seen her and told her to go away!'"

"I almost died in childbirth and saw my grandmother," wrote a third, "She stood in a rainbow field and said she was there for my baby. I survived but my child didn't."

Someone else commented: "The large cosmic absolute truth is that nothing ever dies. The death is only an expansion to a much greater consciousness."

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