When is Blue Origin rocket launch? Jeff Bezos space flight time, date and location

William Shatner gets emotional after Blue Origin landing

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Offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to wealthy space tourists, Blue Origin successfully flew its first crewed mission last summer. The 10-minute rocket-powered ride to the edge of space will take six passengers more than 60 miles above the Earth’s surface and allow them to experience sweeping views of the Earth below.

When is the Blue Origin rocket launch?

The company’s New Shepard spacecraft is scheduled to lift off on Tuesday, March 29.

Blue Origin employee Gary Lai will be accompanied by five paying customers: Marty Allen, married couple Sharon Hagle and Marc Hagle, Jim Kitchen and George Nield.

Launch time for the mission is set for 9.30am local time (1.30pm GMT).

Where will the rocket launch from?

New Shepard will take off from the company’s Launch Site One near Van Horn, Texas.

Blue Origin will webcast the liftoff live which will likely begin about one hour before the actual launch.

The flight is called NS-20, because it will be the 20th flight of a New Shepard vehicle.

How long will the flight take?

The flight will last approximately 11-minutes in total from start to finish, with the rocket firing up its engines and reaching more than three times the speed of sound.

New Shepard passengers will be “weightless” in suborbital space for about three minutes during the mission.

As the spacecraft and rocket are autonomous, no pilots are flown on board.

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In fact, the rocket is aerodynamically stabilised using a ring and wedge fins to help enable a soft landing.

The crew will return to Earth independently in their capsule, under a parachute, which will land near the launch site.

How much does it cost to pay for a flight?

Prices for a seat on one of Blue Origins flights are not disclosed by the company.

However, one would-be passenger won an auction for a ticket to fly alongside Mr Bezos last year for a whopping $28 million (£21 million).

Tickets for flights from one of Blue Origin’s main rivals, Virgin Galactic, are currently selling for $450,000 (£344,000) each.

Comedian Pete Davidson was originally due to be among the six passengers in Blue Origin’s latest flight.

However, after a schedule change pushed the flight back by a week he abruptly withdrew his seat.

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