AI tech to spark ‘nuclear war by 2040’ in Doomsday warning amid Russian threat

Top experts fear that military advancements in artificially intelligent technology could spark a 'world-ending nuclear war by 2040' as fears rise around Vladimir Putin's latest threats.

RAND Corporation, a non-profit organisation based in California which advises the US military on policy issues, has written an alarming report AI, reports from 2018 claimed.

Computers can already scan thousands of surveillance photos and this technology could soon be extended to satellite data and even social media posts.

RAND says AI's ability to be “everywhere and see everything” mean countries fear they would be vulnerable to a first nuclear strike.

Edward Geist, an associate policy researcher at RAND, a specialist in nuclear security said: “Autonomous systems don't need to kill people to undermine stability and make catastrophic war more likely.

"New AI capabilities might make people think they're going to lose if they hesitate. That could give them itchier trigger fingers.

“At that point, AI will be making war more likely even though the humans are still quote-unquote in control."

Andrew Lohn, an engineer at RAND added: "This isn't just a movie scenario. Things that are relatively simple can raise tensions and lead us to some dangerous places if we are not careful."

“Some experts fear that increased reliance on artificial intelligence can lead to new types of catastrophic mistakes. There may be pressure to use AI before it is technologically mature.”

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These fears have only increased further as World War Three fears have risen significantly since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war.

But these concerns have not gone unfounded as Russian propaganda claims Vladimir Putin will unleash his nuclear weapons early if NATO peacekeepers are put on the ground in Ukraine.

The Russian president's tightly-controlled state TV went into overdrive to warn alliance leaders against deploying any troops even acting to maintain peace.

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The broadcast saw blunt and concerted warnings from Putin’s propaganda mouthpieces on state television worrying that if NATO sends peacekeepers to Ukraine they will initiate World War 3.

Olga Skabeyeva, host of state-owned Rossiya 1's show 60 Minutes, said: “If NATO members send peacekeepers to Ukraine…

“They should understand that this will represent a direct clash between the armed forces of Russia and NATO. And how this collision will end is probably not worth explaining… This is called World War Three.”

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