Google Maps user spots father and son peeing in bizarre ‘bonding moment’

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A Google Maps camera driver has caught the hilarious moment a 'father and son' took a pee break by the side of the road.

The screenshot shows a woman standing by an open car as a guy and child dressed in shorts and T-shirts empty their bladders on the grass in full view of the roads, in the sunshine.

A Reddit user u/Choalinhle spotted the "Father and Son moment captured by Street View" near South Cape DC, Western Cape in South Africa.

Street View fans declared the bizarre incident a 'bonding moment' as they appear to praise the behaviour.

One user said: "Awe nothing brings father and son together than pulling over in the middle of nowhere to look at a rock.

"His father showed him that rock and his father's father showed him that rock and his father's father is that rock."

Another added: "Admiring the mountains."

A third said: "Let us not lie, if the nearest toilet at a fuel station is too far, we as South Africans do this."

However, this isn't the first time a parent and child have been spotted relieving themselves on the app.

Last year, a mum was spotted helping her child take a poo in the street as the Google Maps van drove by.

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The sight in Eastern Slovakia shows a mum and child squatting down in the middle of the street as the kid had their pants around their ankles.

In the post captioned "This is what I found on Google Maps, Eastern Slovakia", the parent looked directly at the camera as she held the back of the child's top-up, flashing a bare rear end at the van.

Some Google Maps fans have compared the pair to 'dogs' but other Redditors have come to the defence of the parent, saying that when nature calls, you've got to go.

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