Stunning fairytale cottage that looks like ‘Disneyland Castle’ on sale for £1m

A magical home in the Hollywood Hills has captivated fairytale fans as they say it resembles a 'Disneyland Castle.'

The fairytale castle-style cottage located at Vanland Trail, LA, was built in 1938 and boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms and its own pixie garden which features a number of stone toadstools.

The property, which is priced at $1.395million (£1m), is styled like a castle on the outside, with its own turrets and a bright green roof.

Inside has a more modern living room with a gorgeous fireplace and archways into each room.

The cabinets and shelves have kept their wooden aesthetic to keep with the old-fashioned feel around the house.

The photos posted to Zillow Gone Wild on Instagram, also show a bright bedroom with sliding doors that open onto a balcony for any wannabe princess to have her Rapunzel moment.

Captioning the snaps, Zillow wrote: "This Hollywood hills fairytale cottage was designed to match the style of the Disneyland Castle and can be yours for only $1.395 million."

Disney fans were captivated by the house and some even quipped that it would be cheaper than visiting on of the corporation's infamous themeparks.

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One user joked: "This house will sell its elf!"

Another quipped: "Kinda cheaper than going to Disneyland."

A third wrote: "That is a bargain for LA."

A fourth commented: "Honestly I think the inside is really charming, even though the outside looks like a building you'd find a character meet and greet in."

The post received over 42,000 likes on Instagram, including one from famous Murder, Mystery and Make-up YouTuber, Bailey Sarian.

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The news comes after the UK's answer to Disneyland has suffered another setback after both ITV and the BBC pulled out of plans worth £3.5billion to construct it due in part to a tiny endangered spider.

Plans for the London Resort (which would actually be located in Kent) have been in the works for years but the project has been dogged by problems.

Nature activists and spider lovers have consistently opposed the proposed 1,150-acre (465-hectare) London Resort, on the Swanscombe Peninsula which was due to be the biggest in the UK, as they said it would damage wildlife habitats in the area.

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Elsewhere on Zillow, Disney fans aren't the only ones finding their dream abodes as an extreme Friends fan took their love of the sitcom to the next level.

The luxury home mirrors the iconic features of the hit sitcom and has been described as a "millennial's dream".

The townhouse has been listed on property site Zillow and has raked in over 91,000 views in just a matter of days, as the internet has been left stunned by the similarity to the actual sitcom set.

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Located in Houston, Texas, the home features breathtaking murals which include the popular fountain as seen in the intro of the show, as well as of the cafe which made a regular appearance throughout the 10 seasons.

It has been listed for $330,000 [around £434,000].

"F·R·I·E·N·D·S – If you loved the TV show, then you'll love this house! There are wall murals reminiscent of scenes from the show along with decor and furnishings to make you feel like you're there," the listing reads.

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