‘Barbie’ teaches taken man a lesson after he slid into DMs and said ‘be my wife’

A woman has been widely praised on Twitter after she exposed a man for telling her that he wanted to marry her while he already had a girlfriend.

In the screenshot which has received over 299k likes and over 16.8k retweets, a seemingly love-struck bloke has found his way into the DMs of a blond bombshell named Lisbet Jauregui from Arizona – but his intentions weren't all that they appeared.

Replying to the beauty's Instagram post, the bloke said: "You're going to be my wife someday."

However, the interaction took a sharp turn when Lisbet responded to the message telling the man that she had sent his reply to his girlfriend.

The red-faced man became angry, replying: "You're a b*tch. I can't even be nice to girls anymore."

But while the man seemed to blame the 'az Barbie Doll' for his own attempt at deception, she took it in good spirits as she posted the chat to Twitter, writing: "Lmfaoooooo – this is not a platonic compliment & yes, I sent it to her.

"I’m here for the girlies only."

The replies went wild with praise for the young woman and many were rightfully puzzled about just how the lad thought that his comment was "just being nice".

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One user said: "My BF can like/look at cute girls all he wants, he can even say they're pretty if he likes! But the second he crosses a line (like this one) where it goes from a compliment to something more, I'd hope the girl would do exactly this. Props."

Another wrote: "I do not understand why guys do this. As soon as you start sending shit that you don’t want your wife or girlfriend to see, that’s cheating. End of story."

A third said: "I love women who move like this, if my man in your DMs talking about making you his wife, pls lemme know so I can dump his a** expeditiously."

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A fourth added: "A Queen's response."

However, some people were outraged by the girlfriend being informed as one user said: "I don't understand how you people cheer rubbish behaviour.

"Why would you send this to his gf just to cause doubts and problems without confirming if he was just being nice or seriously flirting? Y'all are weird."

Another added: "Do you even know if they have an open relationship?"

A third said: "Are you friends with the girlfriend? I don't understand lol."

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