High-tech ‘invisibility cloak’ makes you disappear like Harry Potter for £50

A London-based tech company is giving people the power of invisibility for the first time, just like in Harry Potter or The Incredibles.

'Invisibility Shield Co.' has developer a futuristic invisibility shield that redirects light to make any objects or people behind it appear to vanish.

The company has built 25 fully functioning shields so far and is raising money from the public to build more.

For just £49, you'll be able to buy an invisibility shield of your own which could give you ultimate privacy in your garden or boat.

However, the creators of the shields will not ship them to Belarus or Russia due to fears they could be used in the war in Ukraine.

The invisibility shield comes in two sizes. One is almost a metre tall while the other is just 31cm.

They work by using a special lens which blocks out the area where someone would normally be seen and instead 'smears' background light across the shield.

The team behind Invisibility Shields say that they have spent years working on their kit.

"Disappointed by the lack of progress and the continued unavailability of actual working invisibility shields, we decided to step things up and go all in on our project to create one,' the team said.

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They continued: "We went through countless iterations, tested a lot of materials, and experienced a lot of failure.

"But along the way, we managed to develop a reliable, scalable and efficient manufacturing process and created what we believe are the best invisibility shields ever made."

The shields reportedly work best against sand, grass, and sky.

If you want to get your hands on an invisibility shield, all you have to do is donate to the company's Kickstarter fundraiser. In return, you'll get an invisibility shield in around December 2022 (estimated delivery date).

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