New ‘Avatar’-style robot replaces your body and lets you stay inside forever

As if working from home wasn't enough, now Italian scientists are working on a way for us to live our whole lives from home.

The remote controlled iCub3 robot lets you carry out many of the tasks you might do in your daily life and even go on holiday—without needing to go anywhere.

The 4 foot 1 inch tall robot has two legs, microphones, cameras, and LED eyebrows and can be controlled from anywhere in the world using VR.

Users wear a variety of wearable devices which track their movements including gloves that transmit 'touch' from the robot to your hands.

Scientists at the Italian Institute of Technology hope the iCub3 will let people perform dangerous work safely, or even give those with disabilities greater access to the world using a robotic body.

Daniele Pucci, investigator at the ITT's AI lab, says: "If the human being walks, then the robot has to walk as the human does, then we have been integrating wearable technologies for allowing the robot to move a hand, as the human does.

"And then we have been also integrating the other existing technologies for the vision, so the user can see what the robot sees, can hear what the robot hears, and this basically consists of the arrow from the operator to the robot."

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"It takes some time at the beginning, you have to get used to some delay, to a body that is different than yours, then it looks pretty amazing let’s say to look at your own feet and not finding you feet," said Stefano Dafarra, a researcher involved in the project.

Different versions of the robot are set to be developed over the next five to 10 years, which could mean we start seeing more and more avatar robots roaming the streets around us.

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