Hidden WhatsApp hack lets you see messages that have been deleted from your chat

If you've ever sent an embarassing message to the wrong person on WhatsApp, you'll know how much of a godsend the 'delete message' feature can be.

However, you might not be as safe as you thought. It turns out that people can still view messages after they've been deleted thanks to a little-known trick involving the app's notification history. 

TikTok tech guru 'Ta Tech Tips' shared a video explaining exactly how you can view deleted messages on your Android device, and it's dangerously easy.

"We've all been in a chat where someone has deleted a message and you're dying to know what it says," he said in the video.

He explains that if you're on an Android device, it's as simple as opening the Settings app on your phone. Then, search for 'notification history' and turn it on.

This means that when you get a message that is deleted later on, you'll still be able to view it through your notification history. 

You can do this by opening the settings app again, heading to notifications history and tapping 'recently dismissed' any time you want to see what has vanished.

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Sadly, the trick doesn't work on iPhone as it doesn't have a notification log feature, but this might change in future.

Deleting messages allows you to remove certain messages from individual or group chats after you've sent them. You tap and hold a message then press delete.

Doing so will replace the deleted message with a notification saying "This message was deleted".

You only have seven minutes to remove a message after sending it, so make sure you do it quickly. 

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