‘Tunnel to Hell’ could give the world unlimited power and cut pricy energy bills

Ever since the invasion of Ukraine began, countries around the world have been looking for ways to wean themselves off of Russian oil and gas amid skyrocketing energy bills.

However, the answer could be right beneath our feet.

A US energy company wants to dig the world's deepest tunnel so that it can suck energy out of the Earth's crust.

Quaise Energy has raised $63 million (£48 million) to dig 20km (12.7 miles) below the surface of the Earth where it can slurp up geothermal power from 500C molten magma.

The firm believes any country in the world could benefit from digging these 'tunnels to Hell', allowing them to become energy-independent and produce clean power.

The company has called its project a "necessity, not an option", and says that "deep geothermal energy is at the core of an energy-independent world."

It is developing a new drilling technique known as 'millimetre wave electromagnetic drilling', which shoots superpowered light beams capable of burning holes clean through the planet's surface to reach the Earth's mantle.

If it works, it could let any country on Earth have unlimited clean energy without the need for fossil fuels or even solar and wind power.

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The funding raised by Quaise Energy will be used to build drilling machines that could be in action as soon as 2024.

In other hole news, an international team of researchers are planning to dig a hole 1.2 miles deep into the molten rock of the Krafla volcano in northeastern Iceland.

The hope is to build the world's first ever 'magma observatory', where they can observe molten rock as hot as 1,300 degrees celsius deep underground for the first time.

The research team believe they might find a new energy source and even develop an early warning system for eruptions around the world

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