Anonymous hacks Russian company that took over Chernobyl with staff warning

Anonymous has hacked the Russian company that took over Chernobyl and other Ukrainian power plants and has sent a clear warning to its staff.

Following on from their seizure of Chernobyl in February, Russian forces also seized control of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant – Europe's largest nuclear power plant – earlier this month.

The power plants are now reportedly under the management of state nuclear energy firm Rosatom.

Amid news that Rosatom officials are now working alongside the Russian military at the plant, Anonymous has revealed it managed to hack into and deface the Rosatom website.

The hacktivist group is claiming to be leaking "gigabytes of data", but has added that they did not hack the nuclear plant, just the website.

They said: “No, it's not the nuclear plant that was hacked, we would never endanger any lives. The website was hacked.”

A screenshot of the defaced website was shared on Taiwan News, showing a message Anonymous left to Rosatom employees and the Russian troops who have seized the plant.

It reads: “Expect us / we do not forget / we do not forgive / we are legion,” alongside the hashtags "OpRussia", "Anonymous", "OpKremlin" and "FCKPTN".

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This comes as the hackers also claimed to have taken down Russia's national security agency on Tuesday (March 15), tweeting: "Russian sites under attack [Tango Down]".

Among the sites Anonymous claims to have taken down are, the Federal Security Service (FSB), Analytical Centre for the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

They also claimed to have hacked Russian TV news channels, such as Moscow 24 and Russia 24, as well as streaming sites to share footage of the war.

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