Man baffled by ‘optical illusion’ TV remote can’t decide if it’s black or purple

If you're bored of watching TV and can't decide what to watch, you might already have hours of entertainment in the palm of your hand without realising.

That's at least what one avid telly viewer has discovered when he realised his Roku remote was a powerful optical illusion.

Chris Angelis took to TikTok to share a video of his TV remote which he thought was dark black plastic. However, when he holds it up to the light, he realises something shocking about the controller.

Angelis exclaimed: "This is a purple remote, this remote's purple.

"It looks black, nope, it's purple!"

Angelis tagged the company in the TikTok video and demanded an explanation, saying "I HAVE BEEN FOOLED!"

The discovery shocked other subscribers of Roku, a cheap digital TV streaming service.

One viewer said: "I immediately grabbed mine next to me and checked. It is purple!"

Another said: "I was convinced mine wasn't until I put it directly on the lamp. IT'S PURPLE."

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However, some disagreed. One commenter said: "That's how light/color works. Black is made with blue dye, it will look purple."

"Mine's black, I just checked it ain't even see-through," wrote another.

The discovery seems set to divide people almost as much as the blue / gold dress phenomenon, which baffled the Internet several years ago.

What colour do you see?

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