‘Heavy corpse’ in bin sends village into frenzy but turns out to be sex doll

Worried villagers have been left relieved — but confused — after a "dead body" found in a waste bin turned out to be a sex doll.

Police were called to outside a property by a woman in her thirties in Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong after a heavy "corpse" was discovered in a bin bag wrapped up with gaffer tape on Monday morning.

But the tense situation took what one resident described as a "hilarious" turn when they revealed that the body was in fact a life-size sex toy.

Stunned members of the local WhatsApp had been sharing theories that an outsider could have been responsible for the gruesome body dumping.

The lady who first saw the doll told Hong Kong Free Press that she opened her bin in morning to find what appeared to be a "legit body" sat upright at "at the bottom of the bin" with nothing else in it, including what looked to be the head, shoulders, and legs.

After having a conversation with a refuse collection worker, the police were called.

Another woman, aged 36, recalled how the bin man began "freaking out" over the situation, while a crowd began to develop around the scene as fears mounted.

Describing the amusing moment whole village realised what had happened as officers pulled out the figure, she said: “I went down there and when I arrived there they were just about to open up the bag, and then when they opened it up – with locals and people standing around – you could see the shoes…

"First, it was the shoes and then the silicon and then everyone just started laughing.”

In October 2020, a woman who found a mysterious item at rubbish dump said she was "ready to call Luther" after mistaking a realistic sex doll for a dead body.

Cara Levy, 26, vowed to never return to Harlow Recycling Centre in Essex after spotting the life-like figure lying on a mound of household waste.

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